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Lakewood Country Club
4235 Lakewood Boulevard, Naples FL 34112
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Lakewood Country Club
This is by far the worst place in Naples Florida to ever rent!!! I would never even dream to rent from these people and if I did I would shoot myself in the dream. Let me tell you a little bit about these people, there's a lady there her name is Chrissy Moser and she is on a power trip and thinks that she is. God. I hope that you were able to guess that. What she has done to people in that place is well out of humanity. She is very cruel, condescending and heartless. A family that was renting the place from the owner, during the hurricane times the owner decided to leave the state and not pay his taxes on the house while people were living in the house and he was collecting the money for rent. He's in the wrong by collecting money from the rent when he forfeited his house over to the homeowners association of Lakewood. Plus doing this the homeowners association paid the back money for the taxes owed on the house so they could claim the property and the house. As they did this all behind said families back not telling them that this had happened the homeowners association decided to give them a notice that they had to leave premises and that they would not be rent to them. Keep in mind said family has never been late on rent has brought the house up to code with their own money has agreed to certain work orders needed in the house for their lease to be complete and was given two months off one of the beginning of the year and one in the middle of the Year towards Monies for the repairs that were needed. The repairs were done, I myself help repair that house and help bring it up to code so I know for a fact! The family was in there right. We asked the homeowners association if we were able to rent a different house somewhere else in the Lakewood community. This was our response from said manager above. Iyaz manager of Lakewood homeowners association will not rent to you or your family any properties inside of my homeowners association of Lakewood Naples Florida. Said family was then told that they had less than 30 days to remove this belongings and Evacuate the property. Less than 30 days? Really a whole entire family and Naples Florida has to move a 3-bedroom house in less than 30 days come on not very easy to do in this town. Said family all were born here in this town. I've been here for 30 years. And I'm 40 now. So with all that being said we were able to find a new place for the family we are not going to remove our belongings from the house will let them do that for us. We'll just take our personal belongings, belongings, get it. I myself included and said family have spread the word about these people and this Community Homeowners Association manager lady and the way they treat people. As I hope everyone who reads this will see and understand what we went through with these volatile people. If I had enough money I buy the place and fire everybody and it would never be a deed restricted homeowners association Community ever again.
Keith Briand
Jul, 06 2020
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